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Table 1 Resting-state functional connectivity supra-networks, network, and components: list of component numbers, component IDs/abbreviations, approximate anatomical structures, and their corresponding anatomical/network groupings and functional supra-networks

From: A roadmap of brain recovery in a mouse model of concussion: insights from neuroimaging

Supra-network Network group Abbreviations IC no. Anatomical areas
Default mode–sensory–memory (DMSM) Anterior Cingulate—Retrosplenial Cortex axis (ACA RSN) 03—ACA-PL 03 Anterior Cingulate Area + Prelimbic area
06—RSN-ACA 06 Retrosplenial area + Anterior Cingulate Area
52—RSN 52 Retrosplenial area
62—ACA 62 Anterior Cingulate Area
82—RSN 82 Retrosplenial area
89—IL 89 Infralimbic area
Hippocampal—Subcortical memory circuit (HP MEM) 05—rHP—RSN—ATN—ACA 05 Subcortical spatial memory pathway (Retrohippocampal Area—Retrosplenial Area—Anterior Thalamic Nuclei—Anterior Cingulate Area)
08—DG 08 Dentate Gyrus
34—ATN 34 Anterior Thalamic Nucleus
Visual—Auditory (VA) 17—AUD 17 Auditory Area
46—VIS 46 Visual Area
Primary Somatosensory Area (S1) 04—S1lwlmb 04 Primary Somatosensory Cortex (S1) (Lower Limbs, Trunks) + Posterior Parietal Association Area + Temporal Association Area
11—S1uplmb 11 Primary Somatosensory Cortex (Upper Limbs)
31—S1u 31 Primary Somatosensory Cortex (unassigned) + Visual Area
Thalamus-polymodal association cortex (TH-pmc) 10—TH-pmc-S1 10 Thalamic nucleus (polymodal association cortex) + Primary Somatosensory Cortex
30—TH-pmc-VA 30 Thalamic nucleus (polymodal association cortex) + Pretectal Region + Visual-Auditory Area
Striatal–motor (STR–MO) CPu 07—CPu 07 Caudate Putamen
M1 14—M1 14 Primary Motor Cortex
Salience–supplementary somatosensory (SAL–SS) Salience Network (SN) 13—S1BF 13 Primary Somatosensory Cortex (Barrel Field, Lower Limbs) + Primary Motor Area
37—INS-EP 37 Insula + Endopiriform Nucleus
67—AM 67 Amygdala
S2 02—S2-a 02 Supplemental Somatosensory cortex (S2)—anterior (bi lateral), Primary Somatosensory Cortex (Nose, Mouth)
18—S2-p-R 18 Supplemental somatosensory cortex—Right
45—S2-p-L 45 Supplemental somatosensory cortex—Left