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Table 2 Primary antibodies used in this study

From: Intracellular dynamics of Ataxin-2 in the human brains with normal and frontotemporal lobar degeneration with TDP-43 inclusions

Primary antibodies Type Source Dilution
Human Ataxin-2, 713-904 Mouse, monoclonal BD biosciences (611378) 1:1000 (IPL), 1:500 (IF), 1:250–1000 (WB)
Human Ataxin-2, 1293-1313 Rabbit, polyclonal Thermofisher (#PA5-78845) 1:2000 (IF), 1:2000 (WB)
Human ribosomal protein S6 (5G10) Rabbit, monoclonal CST (#2217) 1:500 (IF), 1:3000 (WB)
Human PolyA-binding protein 1 Rabbit, polyclonal CST (#4992) 1:500 (IF)
Human Calnexin (C5C9) Rabbit, monoclonal CST (#2679) 1:500 (IF)
Human Lysosome associated membrane protein 1 Rabbit, polyclonal Abcam (ab24170) 1:1000 (IF)
Human Golgi Glycoprotein 1 Rabbit, polyclonal Abcam (ab103439) 1:500 (IF)
Human TDP-43 (2E2-D3) Mouse, monoclonal Abnova (H00023435-M01) 1:500 (IF)
Phosphorylated TDP-43 (pS409/410) Rabbit, polyclonal Made by Dr. M. Hasegawa [16] 1:1000 (WB)
Anti-Glyceraldehyde-3-Phosphate Dehydrogenase Antibody (6C5) Mouse, monoclonal Chemicon (MAB374) 1:3000 (WB)
  1. IPL immunoperoxidase labeling, IF immunofluorescence, WB western blotting