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Table 2 Clinical characteristics of patients diagnosed with the four new CNS categories of tumors

From: Molecular identification of CNS NB-FOXR2, CNS EFT-CIC, CNS HGNET-MN1 and CNS HGNET-BCOR pediatric brain tumors using tumor-specific signature genes

ID Age yrs Sex NanoString
Tumor location Meta-stases Relapse mts/location DOD
Primary treatment
PPNG protocols
RT Chemiotherapy
CIC 1 ref 0.5 f EFT-CIC Methylation PNET fronto-temporal right no 5/distant 9 none MB/PNET
BCOR 1 ref 1.5 m HGNET-BCOR Methylation,
BCOR tandem dup
PNET frontal right no 8/local 35 none MB/PNET
BCOR 2 9 m HGNET-BCOR BCOR immuno GBM pons no 29/local 31 local HGG II version
BCOR 3 6 f HGNET-BCOR BCOR immuno GBM frontal right no no no 144 local HGG I version
BCOR 4 6 f HGNET-BCOR BCOR tandem dup GBM parietal left no no no 168 local HGG I version
BCOR 5 2.5 f HGNET-BCOR BCOR immuno Unclassified malignant neuroepithelial tumor cerebellar hemisphere no no no 66 CSI MB SR
BCOR 6 8 m HGNET-BCOR BCOR tandem dup Anaplastic oligodendroglioma frontal lobe left no 22/local 24tox local HGG I version
MN1 ref 2 f HGNET-MN1 Methylation, MN1:BEND2 fusion PNET parieto-temporal right no no no 144 none MB/PNET
MN2 9 f HGNET-MN1 MN1:BEND2 fusion EPN frontal lobe right no no no 204 local HGG I version
MN3 11 f HGNET-MN1 MN1:BEND2 fusion Papillary EPN parietal left no no no 132 local none
MN4 6 f HGNET-MN1 MN1:BEND2 fusion CPC parietal right no no no 180 local CPC
FOXR2 1 ref 5 f NB-FOXR2 Methylation PNET parietal left yes no no 120 CSI MB/PNET
FOXR2 2 ref 4.5 m NB-FOXR2 Methylation PNET parieto-occipital left no no no 137 CSI MB/PNET
FOXR2 3 7 m NB-FOXR2 nd PNET frontal right no no no 240 CSI MB/PNET
  1. ref reference patients, mts months, DOD Died of disease, ADF Alive disease free, 24tox Death from chemotherapy-related toxicity after 24 months, RT Radiotherapy, CSI Cerebrospinal irradiation, PPNG The Polish Pediatric Neurooncology Group, MB/PNET Medulloblastoma/PNET protocol, HGG High grade glioma protocol,
  2. MB SR Medulloblastoma standard risk protocol, CPC Choroid plexus carcinoma protocol, dup Duplication, BCOR immuno BCOR immunohistochemistry, nd Not done