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Table 1 Clinical characteristics of MYCN amplified cases

From: High level MYCN amplification and distinct methylation signature define an aggressive subtype of spinal cord ependymoma

Case Sex Age at Diagnosis Diagnosis Location at Diagnosis LMD at Diagnosis Spine involvement Recurrences Location of recurrence Followup Disease Status Prior Oncological Hx
1 M 52 A-EPN (grade III) T, B Yes ID, EM 0 NA 2 Alive Basal Cell Ca
2 F 24 A-EPN (grade III) C, T, L Yes ID, EM 0 NA 14 Alive None
3 F 30 A-EPN (grade III) T No ID, IM 3 T 17 Alive None
4a M 36 A-EPN (grade III) T No unknown 4 C, LS 55 Alive None
5 F 37 A-EPN (grade III) T No ID, EM 3 T, B 62 Alive None
6 F 35 A-EPN (grade III) C, T No ID, EM 2 T 63 Alive None
7 M 52 A-EPN (grade III) C, T, L Yes ID, EM 1 C, T, L 80 Deceased None
8 M 29 A-EPN (grade III) C Yes ID, EM 12 C, B 85 Deceased None
  1. a Case from CERN archive
  2. Abbreviations: LMD leptomeningeal disease, T thoracic, B brain, C cervical, L lumbar, LS lumbosacral, ID Intradural, EM extramedullary, IM Intramedullary