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Table 2 List of Tau Antibodies

From: Tau Ser208 phosphorylation promotes aggregation and reveals neuropathologic diversity in Alzheimer’s disease and other tauopathies

AntibodySpecificityPeptide/Protein Used for Immunization
AT8Combinations of pSer202, pThr205, pSer208PHF-tau from AD brain [8, 58]
CP13pSer202PHF-tau from AD braina
7F2pThr205193DRSGYS-pS-PG-pS-PG-pT-PGSRSR211-Cys [73]
2D1Phosphorylation independent193DRSGYS-pS-PG-pS-PG-pT-PGSRSR211-Cys [73]
3026Total taurecombinant full-length 0N/3R human tau [73]
  1. aPersonal communication with Dr. Peter Davies