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Table 1 Summary of molecular data interrogated by Oncomine, PCR and immunohistochemistry

From: Fusions involving BCOR and CREBBP are rare events in infiltrating glioma

ARID1A p.Asp204fs mutations in IDH1, IDH2
TERT promoter mutation c.-124C > T H3 K27M and G34 by IHC and PCR/Sanger
NF1 p.Trp696Ter EGFR amplification
ATRX loss of expression by IHC Remaining Oncomine Panel Targetsa
  1. Next generation sequencing using the Oncomine® panel v3. Positive calls are listed in the left column while selected pertinent negatives are listed in the right column
  2. aSee Supplementary Table 1 for a complete list of genes interrogated by the Oncomine panel