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Table 1 Summary of the neuropathological groups used in this study. Mean age, Braak NFT stage, AβMTL phase, CERAD score and NIA-AA degrees of AD pathology are indicated. Number of cases with each LATE-NC stage and respective percentages are also indicated (see also Additional file 1-Table A1). n.a. not applicable

From: Distinct molecular patterns of TDP-43 pathology in Alzheimer’s disease: relationship with clinical phenotypes

Neuropathological DiagnosisMean ageMean Braak NFT-stageMean CERAD scoreMean NIA-AA degreeMean AβMTL phaseNo LATE-NCLATE-NC stage 1LATE-NC stage 2LATE-NC stage 3n
Non-AD610,800017 (85%)1 (5%)2 (10%)0 (0%)20
p-preAD761,90,19125 (31,2%)3 (18,8%)8 (50%)0 (0%)16
ADTDP-783,71,423,510 (100%)0 (0%)0 (0%)0 (0%)10
ADTDP + CTF765,12,42,73,91 (3,3%)1 (3,3%)19 (63,4%)9 (30%)30
ADTDP + FL774,82,32,63,70 (0%)0 (0%)5 (45,5%)6 (54,5%)11