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Table 3 Summary of study parameters. Summary table of variables used in this retrospective study to compare between the control (no seizure history) and seizure groups. Variables shown are corrected age of death, post-mortem interval (PMI), gender and seizure interval (from seizure onset until death). Comparison demonstrated broad overlap especially in the range of age of death and PMI between control and seizure sets

From: Hippocampal granule cell dispersion: a non-specific finding in pediatric patients with no history of seizures

Group Number of cases Range of corrected age of death Range of PMI Gender (% of total) Range of seizure interval
Control 126 -21 to + 1060 weeks 2 to 336 h Male: 69 (54.76%); Female: 57 (45.24%)
Seizure 21 -7 to + 990.7 weeks 2 to 216 h Male: 11 (52.38%); Female: 10 (47.62%) < 24 h to 17 years