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Table 1 Number of cases for each category of CERAD-like score for each Aβ pathology assessed in the Emory dataset

From: Validation of machine learning models to detect amyloid pathologies across institutions

 Cored PlaquesDiffuse PlaquesCAA
  1. Each WSI / case was given three CERAD-like scores (for cored plaque, diffuse plaque, and CAA). The CERAD-like scores are semi-quantitative with four possible categories: none, sparse, moderate and frequent. We utilized the term CERAD-like to not confuse these data with CERAD scores - CERAD was initially meant for semi-quantitative analysis of neuritic plaques in multiple brain regions, and data analyzed here is for Aβ deposits only within the temporal cortex l. All scores were provided by a single neuropathologist (BD) viewing the slides using the Digital Slide Archive platform. This table provides information about the number of cases in each CERAD-like category for each Aβ morphology / score. Further detail of all cases are given in Additional file 1