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Table 1 Characteristics of the NMO-IgG preparations used for mimotope search

From: Induction of aquaporin 4-reactive antibodies in Lewis rats immunized with aquaporin 4 mimotopes

NMO-IgGDisease history of patientcharacteristicstiter
I38 year-old female patient; diagnosed with SLE in 1999, very mild NMO (transverse myelitis) in 2010; samples from 2013; patient has antibodies against AQP4 of both IgM and IgG1 isotypes. Treated with MTP and MMF at time of samplingANA+ (nuclei+, mitosis+, nucleoli-)1:10240
II68 year-old female patient with 5 years disease duration. Optic neuritis and thoracic myelitis (march 2010). Weakness of right leg and somnolence with diffuse brain lesions on left hemisphere and diffuse lesions in corpus callosum (july 2011, treated with steroids). Weakness of left leg with thoracic cord relapse (Th2~5), left vision disabled (september 2011).Negative for ANA, SS-A/Ro, and SS-B/La [27]1:8 × 106
III51 year-old female patient with optic neuritis; no episode of myelitis; no brain lesions (june 2013).
Thymoma post-op (40y)
Negative for antibodies against SS-A, SS-B, Cardiolipin, MPO/C-ANCA, thyroglobulin, ribosomal P-protein, Scl-70, cyclic citrullinated peptide; ANA+, anti-dsDNA+,1:640
IVFemale, African-Caribbean; no other morbidities.
Disease onset at the age of 37 years-old when presented with LETM. Had other 5 attacks of either ON or LETM.
Was left with unilateral blindness and mild lower limb deficits.
Blood sample was taken when patient was stable, on Rituximab.
Negative for ANA1:81920