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Table 2 Visual analyses of mitochondrial respiratory chain staining

From: Mitochondrial respiratory chain deficiency correlates with the severity of neuropathology in sporadic Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease

 ProteinGroupNumber of Neurons% Deficient neurons
Mean (95% CI)ANOVA Welch (P =)η2Group comparisonsGH (P =)
CA4/CA3VDAC1Ctrl12420 (0,0)0.621Ctrl vs VV2
VV224040.06 (−0.07,0.19)Ctrl vs MM1
MM124110.08 (−0.04,0.19)MM1 vs VV2
NDUFB8Ctrl14425.76 (2.72, 8.80)0.0060.310Ctrl vs VV20.302
VV2249920.17 (− 0.32, 40.66)Ctrl vs MM10.010
MM1208551.45 (24.51, 78.39)MM1 vs VV20.122
SDHACtrl11940.61 (−0.30, 1.51)0.0190.195Ctrl vs VV20.075
VV220525.58 (1.17, 9.99)Ctrl vs MM10.097
MM1187815.55 (1.27, 29.83)MM1 vs VV20.325
UQCRC2Ctrl13810.26 (−0.07, 0.59)0.119Ctrl vs VV2
VV216750.54 (−0.21, 1.29)Ctrl vs MM1
MM119139.28 (−0.14, 18.71)MM1 vs VV2
MTCO1Ctrl12822.18 (0.71, 3.64)0.0400.255Ctrl vs VV20.373
VV222636.99 (−0.61, 14.58)Ctrl vs MM10.062
MM1200027.52 (5.92, 49.12)MM1 vs VV20.151
ATP5ACtrl12520.37 (−0.57, 1.30)0.0030.331Ctrl vs VV20.019
VV218034.01 (1.62, 6.40)Ctrl vs MM10.034
MM1155420.96 (5.49,35.48)MM1 vs VV20.082
Temporal cortexVDAC1Ctrl19422.71 (−0.05, 5.46)0.542Ctrl vs VV2
VV228766.10 (−0.09, 12.29)Ctrl vs MM1
MM127843.26 (−1.38, 7.89)MM1 vs VV2
NDUFB8Ctrl12756.82 (−0.31, 13.96)0.0010.603Ctrl vs VV20.116
VV2211627.68 (7.12, 48.25)Ctrl vs MM1< 0.001
MM1163367.50 (51.98, 83.01)MM1 vs VV20.008
SDHACtrl11710.54 (−0.18, 1.25)0.0010.547Ctrl vs VV20.071
VV2182216.62 (2.47, 30.77)Ctrl vs MM10.001
MM1110755.95 (34.93, 76.97)MM1 vs VV20.008
UQCRC2Ctrl14610.97 (−0.42, 2.36)0.0030.492Ctrl vs VV20.278
VV216665.38 (−0.60, 11.37)Ctrl vs MM10.005
MM197535.39 (17.23, 53.56)MM1 vs VV20.012
MTCO1Ctrl12376.31 (−1.12, 13.75)0.0010.727Ctrl vs VV20.179
VV2189514.18 (7.38, 20.97)Ctrl vs MM1< 0.001
MM1151558.60 (41.42, 75.77)MM1 vs VV20.001
ATP5ACtrl17581.78 (−1.57, 5.13)0.0030.404Ctrl vs VV20.162
VV2203416.92 (0.14, 33.70)Ctrl vs MM10.007
MM1112750.57 (24.19, 76.94)MM1 vs VV20.066
  1. The table summarizes results of one-way ANOVA and eta squared analysis of effect where a significant difference at the group level. 95% CI: 95% confidence interval, η2; eta squared, GH: Games-Howell, Ctrl: control, MM1: MM1 molecular subtype of sCJD, VV2; VV2 molecular subtype of sCJD. Statistically significant P-values are in bold type