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Fig. 4

From: Neuropathological correlates of parkinsonian disorders in a large Dutch autopsy series

Fig. 4

a. In 234 donors categorized according to the MDS-PD criteria [19], the number of supporting and atypical clinical features, i.e. red flags and exclusion criteria, correctly predicted the presence of LP in 89.3% of donors at a certainty level of ‘probable PD’, and in 79.5% of donors at a certainty level of ‘established PD’. b. The most common atypical clinical features in the donors with LP in our series (n = 116) were early autonomic failure and early falls. c-f. Among donors with LP, Braak α-synuclein stages (c), Thal amyloid-β phases (d), Braak NFT stages (e) and CERAD neuritic plaques scores (f) were not different in ‘established PD’ donors compared to ‘not PD’ and ‘probable PD’ donors

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