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Fig. 3

From: Neuropathological correlates of parkinsonian disorders in a large Dutch autopsy series

Fig. 3

Stages of LP and AD-type pathology in donors grouped according to clinical diagnoses (a-d) and pathological diagnoses (e-h). a. Clinically-defined PD donors showed higher Braak α-synuclein stages than donors with atypical parkinsonian disorders. b. Thal amyloid-β phases were not different between clinical diagnostic groups. c. Braak NFT stage and d. CERAD neuritic plaque score were similar between PD, PSP and MSA donors, but higher in donors with other diagnoses. e-h. LP with an amygdala-predominant distribution or at least Braak stage 3 was present in 18% of donors with PSP tau pathology, in 25% of donors with GCI pathology and in 17% of donors with other types of neuropathology. f. In donors with LP, Thal amyloid-β phases were higher than in donors with GCI pathology or other pathological lesions, when controlling for age at death. g,h. Braak NFT stages (g) and CERAD neuritic plaques scores (h) were not different between donors with different pathological diagnoses. LP = Lewy pathology; PSP tau = tau pathology typical for progressive supranuclear palsy; GCI = glial cytoplasmic inclusion

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