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Table 2 Univariate and multivariate Cox analysis of clinicopathological features in spinal cord gliomas with WHO 2016 grade II–IV

From: The molecular characteristics of spinal cord gliomas with or without H3 K27M mutation

HRConfidence intervalP-valueHRConfidence intervalP-value
Low 90%High 95%Low 90%High 95%
Histological grade2.8941.9414.315< 0.00011.8441.1303.0090.014
H3 K27M6.0043.00911.980< 0.00012.5271.1305.6520.024
Ki-675.6602.65912.044< 0.00012.2530.9335.4440.071
Resection1.9011.3362.707< 0.00011.3310.8862.0010.168
  1. HR hazard ratio
  2. Significant P-values are indicated in bold text