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Table 4 Summary of data for APP/Aβ, Apoe, and Clusterin spectral counts in SDS-insoluble fractions

From: Diversity in Aβ deposit morphology and secondary proteome insolubility across models of Alzheimer-type amyloidosis

Mouse LinePrP. MoAβ/PS1PrP. HuAβ/PS1Tet. HuAβTet. Bri42Bri42 HomoPrP. APPsiTet. MoAβ
Amyloid pathology typeCC > > DC > DD ≈ CD > CD > > CD
Age (mo)2420138152524
Number of LC/MS-MS2344333
Total # over-represented cytosolic proteins in SDS-insoluble fractions by pairwise comparison plus SAINT > 0.908780120038
Avg. # SDS-insoluble Aβ spectra444943399631
Avg. # SDS-insoluble Apoe spectra481504911027738
Avg. # SDS-insoluble Clu spectra63323165104