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Table 3 Summary of data on cytosolic proteome solubility

From: Diversity in Aβ deposit morphology and secondary proteome insolubility across models of Alzheimer-type amyloidosis

Mouse modelStrain backgroundAge assessedTotal Aβ burden assessed by CS-silver stain# Animals# of cytosolic proteins identified as over-represented in SDS insoluble fractions
Pairwise onlyPairwise and SAINT > 0.9SAINT Score only
PrP.HuAβ/PS1B6/C320 mo+++310187103
PrP.MoAβ/PS1B6/C324 mo+2200
Bri42HomoB6/C315 mo+++3905
PrP.APPsiB6/C325 mo+++3304
NTgB6/C312 mo1   
16 mo1   
20 mo2   
Tet.HuAβB6/FVB F12.5 mo3000
Tet.HuAβB6/FVB F113 mo+++48980139
Tet.MoAβB6/FVB F124 mo+++31313848
Tet.Bri42B6/FVB F17–8 mo+++4321215
NTgB6/FVB F12.5 mo-2   
13 mo-6a   
24 mo-2   
  1. aIncludes 4 mice that were treated with Dox for 1 or 4 weeks (2 each). The raw data used to produce this table are available as excel files in Additional files 3, 4 and 5, Tables S2, S3 and S4