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Table 1 Primary and secondary antibodies

From: Loss of BICD2 in muscle drives motor neuron loss in a developmental form of spinal muscular atrophy

Type 1 muscle fibresBA-D5 (DSHB)1 in 100Mouse IgG2b
Type IIA muscle fibresSC-71 (DSHB)1 in 100Mouse IgG1
Type IIB muscle fibresBF-F3 (DSHB)1 in 100Mouse IgM
LamininL9393 (Sigma-Aldrich)1 in 100Rabbit
Mouse IgG2bAlexaFluor 488 (Life Sciences)1 in 500Goat
Mouse IgG1AlexaFluor 647 (Life Sciences)1 in 500Goat
Mouse IgMAlexaFluor 568 (Life Sciences)1 in 500Goat
Rabbit IgGAlexaFluor 410 (Life Sciences)1 in 500Goat
Mouse IgGAlexaFluor 488 (Life Sciences)1 in 250Goat
2H3DSHB (Supernatant)1 in 50Mouse IgG1
SV2DSHB (Supernatant)1 in 100Mouse IgG1
 Tetramethylrhodamine-bungaratoxin (−BTX, Cambridge Bioscience BT00012)1.5 μg/ml 
NF200N0142, SIGMA1 in 500Mouse IgG
PeripherinMerck Millipore, AB15301 in 500Rabbit IgG
VSV-G8G5F11, Kerafast1 in 2000Mouse IgG
  1. DSHB Developmental Studies Hybridoma Bank