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Fig. 4

From: Loss of BICD2 in muscle drives motor neuron loss in a developmental form of spinal muscular atrophy

Fig. 4

Loss of muscle spindles in Bicd2−/− mice at 21 days of age. (a) shows example images of a cross section through a muscle spindle in Bicd2+/+ and Bicd2−/− mice stained for nuclei (DAPI, blue), the neuronal marker SV2/2H3 (green) and laminin (muscle membrane, red). Scale bars = 10 μm. The concentric SV2/SH3 staining around laminin positive muscle fibres indicates a muscle spindle (b) shows the total number of muscle spindles in the soleus muscle of Bicd2+/+ and Bicd2−/− mice, **p = 0.0065 (unpaired t-test, n = 4–5). (c) shows full innervation patterns in the muscle spindles of Bicd2+/+ and Bicd2−/− mice. Error bars = SEM. The loss of muscle spindles correlates with the loss of presumed gamma motor neurons in Bicd2−/− compared to Bicd2+/+ mice

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