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Table 5 GOs going down with age “granger-causing” GO synaptic transmission

From: Meta-analysis of human prefrontal cortex reveals activation of GFAP and decline of synaptic transmission in the aging brain

Microtubule nucleation0.00410.0296
Nuclear lamina0.00570.0501
Physiological muscle hypertrophy0.00800.1201
Cell growth involved in cardiac muscle cell development0.00800.1201
Lysophosphatidic acid binding0.00920.3682
Positive regulation of dendrite morphogenesis0.00940.3850
Cyclic purine nucleotide metabolic process0.00980.0463
Regulation of synaptic transmission, glutamatergic0.01140.0279
Dermatan sulfate biosynthetic process0.01240.8968
Positive regulation of cAMP metabolic process0.01250.2016
Positive regulation of cyclic nucleotide biosynthetic process0.01250.2016
1-phosphatidylinositol-4-phosphate 5-kinase activity0.01300.7732
Proton-transporting V-type ATPase, V0 domain0.01530.0617
Regulation of cAMP biosynthetic process0.01600.0609
Regulation of cyclic nucleotide metabolic process0.01600.0609
Synaptic vesicle docking0.01800.2162
Cell-matrix adhesion0.01830.0998
rRNA 3′-end processing0.01860.0670
Asymmetric stem cell division0.01920.1360
Rac GTPase binding0.01970.5859
Macromolecular complex assembly0.02030.0231
Golgi cis cisterna0.02130.1023
Endomembrane system0.02170.0247
Intrinsic apoptotic signaling pathway in response to oxidative stress0.02220.1157
Positive regulation of purine nucleotide biosynthetic process0.02410.1792
Positive regulation of nucleotide metabolic process0.02490.1746
Muscle tissue development0.02490.0884
Transporter activity0.02500.0323
Spindle microtubule0.02560.0620
Striated muscle cell development0.02640.0765
Neuromuscular junction development0.02690.3610
Regulation of nucleotide biosynthetic process0.02750.0665
Endoplasmic reticulum0.03560.0755
Calcium:cation antiporter activity0.03850.3791
Ligand-gated channel activity0.04000.0526
Lipid modification0.04120.3182
Phosphatidylinositol phosphorylation0.04290.6188
Proteoglycan biosynthetic process0.04330.7653
Regulation of purine nucleotide metabolic process0.04420.0842
Positive regulation of nucleocytoplasmic transport0.04450.1855
Chloride channel inhibitor activity0.04640.2701
Regulation of synaptic vesicle transport0.04690.0834
Glutamate secretion0.04800.0499
Dendrite terminus0.04810.7091
  1. ts2_c_ts1_p: p-value from Granger test between time series 2 (ts2,synaptic transmission) and ts1 (order of lags = 4)
  2. ts1_c_ts2_p: p-value from Granger test between ts1 and ts2 (order of lags = 4)
  3. Significant p-values < 0.05 are marked in bold