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Fig. 7

From: Meta-analysis of human prefrontal cortex reveals activation of GFAP and decline of synaptic transmission in the aging brain

Fig. 7

Astrocyte marker GFAP has the highest correlation with prefrontal cortex aging and depends causally on CAMK4 in the time series. a The plots display time series of the genes GFAP possessing the highest positive and CAMK4 possessing negative correlation with age. The Wald test shows that the time series of CAMK4 is causative for GFAP time series. b A simplified scheme illustrates activation of astrocytes (marker GFAP) by inflammation, ROS and neuronal injury regulating uptake and release of neurotransmitters responsible for synaptic transmission. GFAP is regulated by CAMK4 – possibly via pERK and CREB (blue shading) - which is going down during aging and is downstream of Calcium signaling pathway. Down-regulation during aging is marked with green colour, up-regulation with red colour

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