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Table 1 Demographic data and diagnoses of patients

From: Histological correlates of postmortem ultra-high-resolution single-section MRI in cortical cerebral microinfarcts

CaseAgeGenderClinical DiagnosisCause of DeathCortical Aβ StageCAANFT Staging (Gallyas/AT8)PD StageBlocks used for screening# MRI scanned sections/# MIs foundLocation of Microinfarcts
184FSubacute cerebral MCA and PCA infarctions RPneumonia002/30Frontal, Hemipshere, Occipital b2/2Several in areas around the hemorrhage
276MHeart failureCardiac arrestC00/10Frontal, Hemipshere, Occipital2/1Frontoparietal transition (post. Frontolateral.)
377MSubcortical SVDPulmonary embolism000/10Frontal, Hemipshere, Occipital Ant. frontal lobe (inf.frontal)
472MCerebral white matter microangiopathyUnknown002/30Frontal, Hemipshere, Occipital2/1Parietooccipital
570FSubcortical SVD, arterial hypertensionIntracerebral bleeding in frontoparietal lobeC00/10Frontal, Hemipshere, Occipital c Middle parietal, post. Cingulate, sup. Temporal, occipital
683MSubcortical SVD, hydrocephalusAspiration pneumoniaB02/30Frontal, Hemipshere, Occipital Frontal lobe (ant. Sup. frontal, middle frontal, inf. frontal)
769MCoronary artery sclerosisAcute heart failureB01/30Frontal, Hemipshere, Occipital3/0Frontal lobe (ant. Sup. frontal), occipital pole
889FMixed dementia, arterial hypertension, subcortical SVD, TIA, Aneurysm of ACA, comp. CRFAcute renal failure with bradycardiac arrhythmiaC, aLpm4/50Frontal, Hemipshere, Occipital1/2Ant. frontal, lat. Inf. parietal
984FArterial hypertensionIschemic left MCA infarctionCLpm3/40Frontal, Hemipshere, Occipital Ant. sup. Frontal
1074FParkinson’s diseasePulmonary embolismB02/34Frontal, Hemipshere, Occipital Hippocampus
  1. Alzheimer-related cortical Aβ deposits and neurofibrillary (NFT) changes were classified using the Braak staging (Acta Neuropathol 1991;82:239–59). Cortical and vascular Aβ deposits were visualized with the Campbell-Switzer silver stain and the anti-Aβ antibody 4G8. NFT staging was performed with the Gallyas silver stain and immunohistochemistry (IHC) with the anti-hyperphosphorylated tau antibody AT8. Parkinson staging was performed according to Braak (Neurobiol Aging 2003;24:197–211). ACA anterior cerebral artery, comp. CRF compensated chronic renal failure, Lpm leptomeningeal cerebral amyloid angiopathy (CAA), MIs Microinfarcts, SVD, small vessel disease, TIA transitory ischemic attack, aMajority of isocortical Aβ deposits diffuse. "One section was imaged twice. bCase with 13 blocks from the right and 16 blocks from left hemisphere; cCase with 10 blocks from right hemisphere