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Fig. 7

From: Histological correlates of postmortem ultra-high-resolution single-section MRI in cortical cerebral microinfarcts

Fig. 7

Diagram showing the blood supply of the cerebral cortex by A1 – A6 type arterioles according to Duvernoy et al. [17] and putative microinfarction zones resulting from the occlusion of these arterioles. According to this diagram, occlusion of A1 – A3 arterioles leads to superficial cortical microinfarcts, whereas the closure of deeper portions of type A4 – A6 arterioles give rise to deep cortical microinfarcts. When A4 – A5 arterioles are affected more superficially, this may cause a columnar microinfarct encompassing both superficial and deep cortical layers. Microinfarcts at juxtacortical positions may result from occlusion of deep branches of A5 – A6 arterioles, which supply the transition zone between the deep cortical layer and the underlying subcortical white matter

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