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Fig. 6

From: Histological correlates of postmortem ultra-high-resolution single-section MRI in cortical cerebral microinfarcts

Fig. 6

Morphological characteristics of a superficial cortical microinfarct shown in three adjacent thick sections from a case with diffuse parenchymal Aβ deposits (case 8). a-b The microinfarction zone shows pallor and altered microvessels in the modified H&E stain. c-d Microvascular changes in this case consist of a dense microvascular meshwork with a high density of string vessel as seen in cases without Aβ deposits. e-f Prussian blue staining shows iron accumulation in the core of the microinfarction zone. Scale bars: 250 μm (a, c and e) and 100 μm (b, d and f)

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