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Fig. 4

From: Histological correlates of postmortem ultra-high-resolution single-section MRI in cortical cerebral microinfarcts

Fig. 4

Modified H&E stain (case 5) showing a chronic cortical cerebral microinfarct with comparatively large tissue thinning and cavitation in the occipital lobe, which extends from mid-cortical layers to the juxtacortical zone (a-b). In a neighboring section double-labeled for Coll4 and beta-amyloid (Aβ), the same microinfarct displayed a dense microvascular meshwork with numerous string vessels (arrow heads) and parenchymal Aβ deposits (arrow) (c). The inset (c’) in the H&E-stained section (h) corresponds approximately to the same area as in (c). Scale bars: 500 μm (a) and 200 μm (b-c)

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