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Fig. 3

From: Astrocytes rescue neuronal health after cisplatin treatment through mitochondrial transfer

Fig. 3

Astrocytes transfer mitochondria to neurons damaged by cisplatin. a. Representative confocal image of untreated neurons co-cultured for 17 h with astrocytes in which mitochondria were labeled with mCherry. b-c. Representative confocal images of co-cultures of cisplatin-treated neurons labeled with CTB and cisplatin-treated astrocytes in which mitochondria were labeled with mCherry. Middle panel: larger magnification of the boxed area in B/C. e-f. 3-D reconstruction and orthogonal slicing showing that the astrocyte-derived mCherry-positive mitochondria (identified by arrows in the middle panel) are present within the neurons. Scale bar: 25 μm. d. Quantification of neurons in co-cultures containing mCherry+ astrocyte-derived mitochondria. Paired Student’s t-test **p < 0.01. Data represents the mean ± SEM of 3 independent experiments performed in duplicate

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