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Table 3 Summary of successful MSA single cell WGS

From: Investigation of somatic CNVs in brains of synucleinopathy cases using targeted SNCA analysis and single cell sequencing

 Cells successfully sequenced
CaseRegionNumberWith inclusions% CNVsNumberWith inclusions% CNVs
MSA15 mixedSN221 C40.9303 C23.3
Pons229 N, 2 C27.3267 C30.8
Putamen136 N23.193C33.3
MSA10 SNDSN182 C33.32910 C30
Totals7515 N, 6 C30.79423 C28.7
  1. The number of cells of each type sequenced in each region / case is shown, together with the number which had inclusions (N = nuclear, C = cytoplasmic), and the % which had CNVs