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Table 1 Overall mosaicism findings in the cingulate cortex (CC) and SN

From: Investigation of somatic CNVs in brains of synucleinopathy cases using targeted SNCA analysis and single cell sequencing

 Numbers of cells analysed for SNCA gainsCells with SNCA gains
OverallPer case (%)
DiseaseRegionCell typeTotalPer case (mean, SD)Number%MedianMean (SD)
MSACCNeuron135997.1 (21.8)382.802.272.94 (1.90)
Non-neuron1513108.1 (15.3)231.501.671.60 (0.95)
SNNM+128285.5 (9.7)413.202.673.26 (1.88)
NM-3397226.5 (32.8)1033.042.493.01 (1.77)
PDCCNeuron253397.4 (10.2)582.292.12.31 (1.68)
Non-neuron2851109.7 (16.5)331.160.971.23 (0.77)
Other LBCCNeuron24983 (9.5)72.812.602.78 (0.35)
Non-neuron29698.7 (26.8)20.680.780.63 (0.57)
SNNM+41182.2 (6.8)133.163.573.13 (1.23)
NM-897179.4 (27.7)212.342.632.43 (0.96)
ControlCCNeuron1702100.1 (19.7)191.120.951.20 (1.08)
Non-neuron2028119.3 (24.6)160.790.920.76 (0.57)
  1. The cell numbers analysed in each case are provided as a total, with the mean and SD per case. The numbers per individual case are shown in Additional file 2: Figure S2. The % mosaicism for SNCA gains of each disease / region / cell type is provided overall, as well as the median, mean and SD per case. “Other LB” refers to ILBD, except for one SN which was from a case of DLB