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Table 1 Summary table of propagation of α-syn inclusions observed after injection of different types of fibrils/α-syn strains in the OB of wild type mice

From: α-Synuclein conformational strains spread, seed and target neuronal cells differentially after injection into the olfactory bulb

  1. Summary table of the results and comparisons between strains from our study and including previously published data from huPFFs injections [54, 56]. The proportion of animals following the pattern described in the table is indicated in parenthesis
  2. *The huPFFs were injected at higher concentration (5 μg/μL) than the strains (monomers, fibrils, ribbons, F-65, F-91 and F-110) used in this work (2 μg/μL); the volume injected remained the same (0.8 μL, 4 μg of huPFFs versus 1.6 μg of each strain per OB). The density of inclusions in the AON, PC and Ent (grey shaded boxes) after HuPFFs injection is not reported in the table because the analysis was performed separately from the other groups