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Table 2 Primary antibodies used for immunohistochemistry

From: Regulation of microglial TMEM119 and P2RY12 immunoreactivity in multiple sclerosis white and grey matter lesions is dependent on their inflammatory environment

Primary antibody Ab Dilution Antigen Retrieval Source (article number)
Rabbit anti TMEM119 C-terminus 1:500 Tris/EDTA pH 9 Atlas Antibodies, Sweden (HPA051870)
Rabbit anti Human P2Y12R C-terminus 1:200 Tris/EDTA pH 9 Anaspec, Netherlands (AS-55042A)
Mouse anti MHC-II (HLA-DR) 1:1000 Tris/EDTA pH 9 Clone LN3, Pierce, ThermoFisher (MA5–11966)
Rabbit anti Iba-1 1:1000 Citrate pH 6 WAKO Chemicals U.S.A. (019–19,741)
Mouse anti PLP 1:250 Tris/EDTA pH 9 Serotec (MCA839G)
Rabbit anti CD3 1:100 Citrate pH 6 DAKO, Denmark (A04520)
Mouse anti CD20 1:200 Tris/EDTA pH 9 DAKO, Denmark (M0755)
Mouse anti IL-4 1:500 Citrate pH 6 BioMatik (CAU29167)
Mouse anti IFN-γ 1:000 Tris/EDTA pH 9 Abcam, U.K. (ab218426)
Goat anti Iba-1 1:500 Tris/EDTA pH 9 Abcam, U.K. (ab5076)
  1. Ab antibody