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Table 2 Primary antibodies used for immunohistochemistry

From: Regulation of microglial TMEM119 and P2RY12 immunoreactivity in multiple sclerosis white and grey matter lesions is dependent on their inflammatory environment

Primary antibodyAb DilutionAntigen RetrievalSource (article number)
Rabbit anti TMEM119 C-terminus1:500Tris/EDTA pH 9Atlas Antibodies, Sweden (HPA051870)
Rabbit anti Human P2Y12R C-terminus1:200Tris/EDTA pH 9Anaspec, Netherlands (AS-55042A)
Mouse anti MHC-II (HLA-DR)1:1000Tris/EDTA pH 9Clone LN3, Pierce, ThermoFisher (MA5–11966)
Rabbit anti Iba-11:1000Citrate pH 6WAKO Chemicals U.S.A. (019–19,741)
Mouse anti PLP1:250Tris/EDTA pH 9Serotec (MCA839G)
Rabbit anti CD31:100Citrate pH 6DAKO, Denmark (A04520)
Mouse anti CD201:200Tris/EDTA pH 9DAKO, Denmark (M0755)
Mouse anti IL-41:500Citrate pH 6BioMatik (CAU29167)
Mouse anti IFN-γ1:000Tris/EDTA pH 9Abcam, U.K. (ab218426)
Goat anti Iba-11:500Tris/EDTA pH 9Abcam, U.K. (ab5076)
  1. Ab antibody