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Table 1 Clinicopathological information of included patients for immunohistochemistry and primary microglia isolation

From: Regulation of microglial TMEM119 and P2RY12 immunoreactivity in multiple sclerosis white and grey matter lesions is dependent on their inflammatory environment

PatientAgeGenderDiagnosisDisease duration * (years)Post-mortem delay (h)Cause of deathLesions
160MSPMS168:49Euthanasia1 aWML, NAWM, NAGM
248MPPMS186:35Dehydration2 aWML, 2 cWML, 2 sGML, NAWM, NAGM
366FPPMS279:45Pneumonia1 sGML, NAWM, NAGM
452FPPMS258:40Euthanasia1 cWML, 1 sGML, NAWM, NAGM,
574FPPMS1610:30Respiratory failure1 sGML, NAWM, NAGM,
665FSPMS2210:45Brain infarction2 cWML, 1 sGML, NAWM, NAGM,
766FSPMS226:00Unknown2 aWML, 1 sGML, NAWM, NAGM
851MSPMS2011:00Unknown2 aWML, 1 cWML, NAGM
950FSPMS129:05Euthanasia1 aWML, 1 sGML, NAWM,
1050MSPMS2110:50Euthanasia1 aWML, NAWM, NAGM
1154MPPMS128:15Euthanasia1 cWML,1 sGML
1254FSPMS239:25Respiratory failure1 aWML
1347FSPMS278:35Pneumonia1 aGML
1453MPPMS25:30Pneumonia1 leukocortical lesion
1541FSPMS118:25Natural causes1 leukocortical lesion
1645MSPMS207:45Cardiac Arrest1 leukocortical lesion
1754FSPMS249:10Dyspnea followed by palliative care1 leukocortical lesion
1857FSPMS2510:40Euthanasia1 leukocortical lesion
Primary microglia isolation
1581MPD388:05Septic Shock 
1981FPD710:50Respiratory Failure
2076FHypokinesia / PD99:15Heart Failure
2235FNeuropathic pain85:20Euthanasia
2683FPPMS347:40Ovarian Cancer
  1. M male, F female, SP Secondary progressive, PP Primary progressive, PD Parkinson’s Disease, MSA-P Multiple System Atrophy-Parkinsonism, * Starting from first diagnosis, NAGM normal appearing grey matter, NAWM normal appearing white matter, cWML chronic white matter lesion, aWML active white matter lesion, sGML subpial grey matter lesion, aGML active grey matter lesion