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Table 1 Individual case information. Cases were recoded according to their PHF1% load in hippocampus into their respective NFT score (“-“≤ 0.01%; 0.01%< “+” ≤1%;”++” > 1%). Hipp = Hippocampus. BG = Basal Ganglia. TCx = Temporal Cortex. ADRC = Alzheimer’s disease related changes

From: Secernin-1 is a novel phosphorylated tau binding protein that accumulates in Alzheimer’s disease and not in other tauopathies

IDDiagnosisABC scoreSexAgeNFT scoreRegion
High NFT 1ADA3,B3,C3M89++Hipp
High NFT 2ADA3,B3,C3F80++Hipp + BG
High NFT 3ADA3,B3,C3F86++Hipp
High NFT 4ADA3,B3,C3F98++Hipp
High NFT 5ADA3,B3,C3F98++Hipp
High NFT 6ADA3,B3,C3F85++Hipp
High NFT 7ADA3,B3,C3F81++Hipp
High NFT 8ADA3,B3,C3F92++Hipp
High NFT 9ADA3,B3,C3F90++Hipp
High NFT 10ADA3,B3,C3F71++Hipp
High NFT 11ADA3,B3,C3M74++Hipp + BG
High NFT 12ADA3,B3,C3F88++Hipp
High NFT 13ADA3,B3,C3M79++Hipp + BG
High NFT 14ADA3,B3,C3F83++Hipp
High NFT 15AD (early onset)A3,B3,C3M69++Hipp
High NFT 16AD (early onset)A3,B3,C3M63++Hipp
High NFT 17AD (early onset)A3,B3,C3M63++Hipp
High NFT 18AD (early onset)A3,B3,C3F60++Hipp
High NFT 19AD (early onset)A3,B3,C3M62++Hipp
High NFT 20AD (early onset)A3,B3,C3F55++Hipp
High NFT 21ADA2,B2,C2M84++Hipp
Moderate NFT 1ADA2,B3,C2M94+Hipp
Moderate NFT 2ADA3,B3,C3F76+Hipp
Moderate NFT 3ADA3,B3,C3M69+Hipp
Moderate NFT 4ADA3,B3,C3M75+Hipp
Moderate NFT 5ADA3,B3,C3F89+Hipp
Moderate NFT 6MCIA1,B2,C1F97+Hipp
Moderate NFT 7MCIA1,B2,C1F85+Hipp
Moderate NFT 8MCIA2,B2,C2M84+Hipp
Moderate NFT 9ADA2,B2,C2F84+Hipp
Moderate NFT 10MCIA1,B1,C0F84+Hipp
Moderate NFT 11MCIA1,B1,C1M79+Hipp
Moderate NFT 12MCIA1,B1,C1M90+Hipp
Moderate NFT 13MCIA1,B1,C1M74+Hipp
Moderate NFT 14MCIA1,B1,C0M95+Hipp
Moderate NFT 15NormalA1,B1,C0M77+Hipp
Moderate NFT 16MCIA0,B1,C0M88+Hipp
Moderate NFT 17Vascular DementiaA1,B1,C0F89+Hipp
Moderate NFT 18NormalA1,B1,C0M69+Hipp
Moderate NFT 19NormalA0,B1,C0F56+Hipp
Moderate NFT 20NormalA0,B1,C0F59+Hipp
Moderate NFT 21NormalA0,B1,C0M59+Hipp
Moderate NFT 22NormalA1,B1,C0F71+Hipp
Low/no NFT 1NormalA0,B0,C0M77Hipp
Low/no NFT 2NormalA0,B0,C0F49Hipp
Low/no NFT 3NormalA1,B1,C0M63Hipp
Low/no NFT 4NormalA0,B0,C0F51Hipp
Low/no NFT 5NormalA0,B0,C0M55Hipp
Low/no NFT 6NormalA0,B0,C0M57Hipp
Low/no NFT 7NormalA0,B0,C0M59Hipp
Low/no NFT 8NormalA0,B0,C0M57Hipp
Low/no NFT 9NormalA0,B0,C0M55Hipp
Low/no NFT 10NormalA0,B0,C0M54Hipp
Low/no NFT 11NormalA0,B0,C0M50Hipp
Low/no NFT 12NormalA1,B0,C0M59Hipp
Low/no NFT 13NormalA1,B1,C1M89Hipp
Low/no NFT 14MCIA2,B1,C1F89Hipp
Low/no NFT 15MCIA2,B1,C1M66Hipp
Down Syndrome 1DS, ADA3,B3,C3F58+++Hipp
Down Syndrome 2DS, ADA3,B3,C3F59+++Hipp
Down Syndrome 3DS, ADA3,B3,C3M54+++Hipp
Down Syndrome 4DS, ADA3,B3,C3M55+++Hipp
Down Syndrome 5DS, ADA3,B3,C3F54+++Hipp
PART 1PARTA0,B2,C0M75+Hipp
PART 2PARTA0,B2,C0F86++Hipp
PART 3PARTA0,B2,C0F92+Hipp
PART 4PARTA0,B2,C0M94+Hipp
PART 5PARTA0,B2,C0F90++Hipp
CBD 1CBDn/aF73+++BG
CBD 2CBDn/aM75+++BG
CBD 3CBDn/aM79++BG
PSP 2PSPn/aM71++BG
PiD 1Pick’s Diseasen/aM67+Hipp
PiD 2Pick’s Diseasen/aM67++Hipp
PiD 3Pick’s Diseasen/aF71+++Hipp
PiD 4Picks Diseasen/aF65+++Hipp
HCHWA-DDutch amyloidosisn/aF54n/aTCx
FTLD-ADRC 1CBD with ADA0,B1,C0M72n/aHipp
FTLD-ADRC 2PSP with ADA1,B3,C0F79n/aHipp