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Table 2 Antibodies used for Western blots

From: Comparative profiling of the synaptic proteome from Alzheimer’s disease patients with focus on the APOE genotype

ProteinManufacturerCatalogueValidation for WB (from manufacturers website)RRID
ActinAbcamAB 8226Cell lysates from HeLa, Jurkat, A431, HEK293, NIH 3 T3, PC12 cells.AB_306371
Alpha synucleinSanta CruzSc-7011-RSH-SY5Y cell lysate, α-synuclein expression in mouse and rat brain tissue extracts.AB_2192953
Annexin VAbcamAB 54775ANXA5 expression in Hela, 293 T cell line, pentoxifylline cell treatment.AB_940268
Beta TubulinAbcamAB 18207HAP1 cell lysate; mouse brain and hippocampus lysates; rat brain lysate; human brain lysate. Knock out cell lines studies.AB_444319
GAPDHAbcamAB 9845HeLa, A431, A549, NIH3T3, PC12 whole cell lysateAB_307275
GFAPDako/AgilentZ033429–2antibody solid-phase absorbed with human and cow serum proteins. One distinct precipitate (GFAP) with cow brain extract.AB_10013382
Histone H3AbcamAb 1791HeLa, Drosophila embryo nuclear extract, NIH/3 T3, S.cerevisiae (Y190) and S.pombe whole cellAB_302613
NMDANR2BBD Biosciences610,416Rat NMDA receptorsAB_397796
PSD95AbcamAB 18258Mouse and rat brain lysates. PSD95 knockout mouse and immunoprecipitation.AB_444362
SNAP25AbcamAB 53723RAW264.7 cell extracts and blocking peptides.AB_882623
SOD2novusbioNB100–1992Rat brain tissue extract.AB_535862
SynaptophysinAbcamAB 8049Presynaptic vesicles.AB_2198854
TMEM97Atlas AntibodiesHPA044795Recombinant expression validation using target protein overexpression.AB_10959306
  1. WB Western blot, RRID Research Resource Identifiers