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Table 1 Subject characteristics. We observe the expected decrease in brain weight in AD (2-way ANOVA effect of disease F(1,29) = 9.018, P = 0.0055, no significant effect of genotype). The control APOE3/4 group is not age matched. Age is significantly different in AD vs control (2-way ANOVA effect of disease F (1, 29) = 17.4, P = 0.0003, * Tukey’s multiple comparison test control APOE3/4 significantly different from AD APOE3/4 age p = 0.002). There are no differences in age between AD APOE3/4 and AD APOE4/4 cases. There are no significant differences of disease or genotype in post mortem interval (PMI) or brain pH.

From: Comparative profiling of the synaptic proteome from Alzheimer’s disease patients with focus on the APOE genotype

MRC BBN numberClinical diagnosisApoE genotypeSex (f,m)Age, yPMI, hbrain weight, gbrain pHBraak Stageneuropath diagnosis and co-morbidities
BBN_14395ctrl3/3f744115206.30control, Mild degree of small vessel disease
BBN_20122ctrl3/3m597415006.10control, No significant abnormalities
BBN_22612ctrl3/3m617013006.10control, No significant abnormalities
BBN_ 24340ctrl3/3m535314006.50control, Significant atherosclerosis in larger vessels, mild small vessel disease
BBN001.26495ctrl3/3m783912906.17Icontrol, mild Alzheimer’s Disease pathology
BBN001.28402ctrl3/3m794915036.33Icontrol, mild Alzheimer's pathology, mild WM pathology, Moderate non-amyloid SVD, Encephalopathy, hepatic
BBN001.28406ctrl3/3m797214376.13IIcontrol, mild Alzheimer's pathollgy. Moderate arteriolar CAA , WM pathology, Mild non-amyloid SVD
BBN001.28793ctrl3/3f797212195.95IIcontrol, mild Alzheimer's pathology, moderate WM pathology, moderate non-amyloid SVD
group medians (IQR)n = 8 2,676 (18.5)61.5 (25)1418 (203)6.15 (0.2)  
BBN_15258AD3/3m658013356.1VIAlzheimer's Disease, LBD neocrotical subtype
BBN_19595AD3/3m875814206.5VIAlzheimer's Disease, CAA, SVD with lacunar infarcts
BBN_19994AD3/3f878912705.9VIAlzheimer's Disease, sCAA, Vascular disease lacunar, thrombus, embolus
BBN_22223AD3/3f878312006.7IVAlzheimer's Disease, cerebral haemorrhage, vascular disease lacunarBBN_
BBN_24527AD3/3m817411606.1VIAlzheimer's Disease, Vascular Disease lacunar
BBN001.28410AD3/3f6210910296.04VIAlzheimer's Disease, Mild arteriolar CAA,Moderate non-amyloid SVD
BBN001.28771AD3/3m859111835.95VIAlzheimer's disease, Severe arteriolar CAA , WM pathology moderate, Moderate non-amyloid SVD
BBN_28785AD3/3f78769605.9 Corticobasal degeneration FTLD, WM pathology, mild. Moderate non-amyloid SVD
group medians (IQR)n = 8 4,483 (12.25)81.5 (14)1191.5 (159)6.07 (0.27)  
BBN_15221ctrl3/4m5311416506.10control, No significant abnormalities
BBN_15809ctrl3/4m589014705.90control, mild small vessel disease
BBN_16425ctrl3/4m619912706.20control, evidence of cerebrovascular disease, no infarcts
BBN_20593ctrl3/4m6052146060control, no significant abnormalities
BBN_20120ctrl3/4m539714006.40control, no significant abnormalities
BBN_22629ctrl3/4f595312806.30control, no significant abnormalities
BBN_2555ctrl3/4m746613506.30control, small vessel lipohyalinosis, large vessel athersclerosis
group medians (IQR)n = 7 1,659 (5)*90 (38.5)1400 (150)6.2 (0.25)  
BBN_10591AD3/4m86761470 VIAlzheimer's Disease, small vessel disease
BBN_15810AD3/4f739610906.2VIAlzheimer's Disease, vascular disease
BBN_15811AD3/4f814114576.3VIAlzheimer's Disease, sCAA, Intracerebral haemorrhage, vascular disease
BBN_19690AD3/4m575812005.9VIAlzheimer's disease,
BBN_23394AD3/4f885911656.3VIAlzheimer's Disease, sCAA, Intracerebral haemorrhage, vascular disease lacunar
BBN_24322AD3/4m8010114106VIAlzheimer’s Disease, sCAA
BBN_24526AD3/4m796513006.05VIAlzheimer’s Disease
BBN_25739AD3/4f854513755.77VIAlzheimer’s Disease, sCAA, focal TDP43 within the entorhinal cortex.
BBN001.26718AD3/4m787413676.13VIAlzheimer's disease, moderate non amyloid arteriolar CAA
BBN_26732AD3/4m766614676.48VIAlzheimer's disease, Moderate non amyloid arteriolar SVD, Severe arteriorlar CAA, Limbic Lewy body disease
group medians (IQR)n = 10 4,679.5 (7.5)65.5 (17.3)1371 (220.3)6 (0.3)