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Fig. 7

From: N368-Tau fragments generated by legumain are detected only in trace amount in the insoluble Tau aggregates isolated from AD brain

Fig. 7

Ratios of cleaved, activated LGMN over pro-LGMN are similar in total homogenate of AD and control hippocampus. Pro-LGMN and cleaved, activated LGMN were analyzed in total homogenate by western blot. a. Western blot of LGMN protein expression in AD and control (Ctr) hippocampus. Recombinant human pro-LGMN (316 pg) and in vitro-activated LGMN are loaded as reference. Equal proteins of Triton-X brain homogenate were loaded for each sample. Actin was used as loading control. b. Ratio of cleaved LGMN/pro-LGMN. AD hippocampus, n = 10; Control hippocampus, n = 10. In all graphs, data points, mean and standard deviation are shown. p = 0.182

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