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Fig. 3 | Acta Neuropathologica Communications

Fig. 3

From: DNA repair deficiency and senescence in concussed professional athletes involved in contact sports

Fig. 3

Proportion of different neuropathological changes found in 38 individuals with history of mTBI. Within the “no neuropathology” group, “CTE” group, and “neurodegenerative pathology” group, DNA damage was evident in 50, 70, and 80% of cases, respectively. Furthermore, when cases with DNA damage are stratified based on their stage of yH2AX distribution, the ‘no pathology” group presented with 75% stage 1, and 25% stage 2; the “CTE” group presented with 66.6% stage 1, 16.6% stage 2, and 16.6% stage 3; and the ‘neurodegenerative pathology” group presented with 35.3% stage 1, 17.6% stage 2, and 47.1% stage 3

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