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Fig. 12

From: DNA repair deficiency and senescence in concussed professional athletes involved in contact sports

Fig. 12

Neuronal changes in mTBI cases. BRG1 is normally expressed in neurons and glial cells in a healthy control (a), but its expression is lost in neurons in a cases with increased glial γH2AX expression (b-c). Translocation of intranuclear tau from the nucleus to the cyroplasm was evident in mTBI cases (e-f) and not seen in controls (d). In addition, emerin expression on the nuclear membrane of neurons was normal in controls (g) but lost in mTBI cases (h). Lastly, mTBI cases with DNA damage displayed white matter pallor (i), as well as intact neurofilament protein expression (j) but loss of myelin basic protein expression (k) compared to controls (inset in k). Scale bar represents 40 μm in (a-h); 50 μm in (d)

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