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Fig. 11 | Acta Neuropathologica Communications

Fig. 11

From: DNA repair deficiency and senescence in concussed professional athletes involved in contact sports

Fig. 11

a and b Photomicrographs showing sub-pial positive GFAP immunostaining in an TBI case. Sub-pial astrocytes show beaded processes (c and d). Neurons with neurofibribrillary tangle (arrow) and as shown by double labeling for GFAP (red chromogen) and p-tau (AT8- brown chromogen) in inset are noted in the same area. Photomicrographs showing sub-pial GFAP positive astrocytes in the subpial region of a control case, illustrate tha absence of beading. (e and f). Scale bar in a represents 500 μm in (a) and 150um in (b), 30um in (c) and 60um in (d), 300um in (e) and 120um in (f)

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