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Fig. 10

From: DNA repair deficiency and senescence in concussed professional athletes involved in contact sports

Fig. 10

GFAP-positive immunostaining of sub-pial astrocytes in the same region as yH2AX (a) shows abnormal ballooning of the cell body of astrocytes in the sub-pial area (b and d) when compared to a comparable section from healthy control (c and e). The cell body in a case (d) is abnormally swollen compared to that of a healthy control (e). The circles in d and e show comparable nuclear sizes in case and control but swollen cell body of astrocyte is evident in case. GFAP immunofluorescence (f) reveals beading of astrocytic processes in individuals with mTBI history. Scale bar represents 100 μm in (a and b), 40 μm in (c), 10 μm in (d and e) and 17 μm in (f)

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