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Fig. 3

From: Chronic nigral neuromodulation aggravates behavioral deficits and synaptic changes in an α-synuclein based rat model for Parkinson’s disease

Fig. 3

Stereological quantifications of the number of P-S129 α-SYN, mCherry and TH+ cells. a Confocal images of triple immunofluorescent staining for P-S129 α-SYN (green), mCherry (red) and TH (purple) in the injected SN at different magnifications (Scale bars = 250 μm upper panel and 50 μm lower and middle panel). b Quantifications of P-S129 α-SYN/TH/mCherry triple positive cells. (n = 5–6, Mean ± SD, Unpaired T-test)

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