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Table 2 List of the main regions-of-interest (ROI) defined guided by the ICA components

From: Increased soluble amyloid-beta causes early aberrant brain network hypersynchronisation in a mature-onset mouse model of amyloidosis

ICA componentsAbbreviations
HippocampusLHC; RHC
Cingulate (anterior part)LCg1; RCg1
Cingulate (posterior part) + Retrosplenial (anterior part)LCg2+RSplb; RCg2+Rsplb
Retrosplenial (posterior part)LRSpl; RRSpl
Parietal association areaLPtA; RPtA
Frontal areaLFr; RFr
Somatosensory areaLS1; RS1
Motor areaLMC; RMC
Visual cortexLVC; RVC
Caudate putamenLCPu; RCPu
ThalamusLTh; RTh