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Table 2 Summary of pathological tau inclusion patterns in selected patients with FTLD-tau/MAPT

From: Preferential tau aggregation in von Economo neurons and fork cells in frontotemporal lobar degeneration with specific MAPT variants

Pathological changes in FTLD-tau/MAPT IVS10 + 16 C- > T V337 M A152T P301L
Cortical Layer NCI distribution 2, 5–6 2, 5–6 5 (PSP) 2, 5–6
Preferential VEN and fork cell tau aggregation Yes Yes Yes No
Hyperphosphorylation at serine 202 (CP13) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Acetylation at k274 (MAB359) Moderate Mild Mild Mild
Tau conformational change in NCIs (MC1) Mild-moderate Mild Absent-Mild Moderate-Severe