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Table 1 Demographic and neuropathologic characteristics

From: [18F]-AV-1451 binding profile in chronic traumatic encephalopathy: a postmortem case series

Case N° Pathological diagnosis Age at death (years) Gender Braak & Braak (NFTs) CERAD score (neuritic plaques) NIA-Reagan Institute criteria
1 CTE (CTE stage III) 46 M III none LP
2 CTE (CTE stage IV) 65 M II A LP
3 CTE (CTE stage III) 56 M II none LP
4 CTE (CTE stage II-III) 25 M 0 none LP
5 CTE (CTE stage III) 58 M III none LP
6 AD 87 F V Frequent IP
7 AD 71 M V Moderate IP
8 AD 96 F V Frequent HP
9 AD 82 F V Moderate HP
10 AD 79 M V Frequent HP
11 AD 66 M V Moderate HP
12 AD 69 F VI Frequent HP
13 AD 66 F VI Frequent HP
14 AD 66 F VI Frequent HP
15 CTL 76 F I Sparse LP
16 CTL 97 F I Sparse LP
17 CTL 81 M I none LP
18 CTL 59 F I-II Moderate LP
19 CTL 91 M II none LP
20 CTL 101 F II Moderate LP
  1. Abbreviations: CTE Chronic traumatic encephalopahty, AD Alzheimer’s disease, CERAD Consortium to Establish a Registry for Alzheimer´s Disease, CTL Control, F Female, HP High probability of AD, IP Intermediate probability of AD, LP Low probability of AD, M Male, NFT Neurofibrillary tangles, NIA National Institute of Ageing