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Table 1 Depressive-like phenotype in mice. Relative score of PAI-1 knockout mice and tPA knockout mice

From: Plasminogen Activator Inhibitor-1 (PAI-1) deficiency predisposes to depression and resistance to treatments

Depressive-like behaviors in mice PAI-1−/− tPA−/−
Apathetic behavior Splash test 1 0
Anhedonic behavior Sucrose preference test 1 0
Body weight Balance 1 1
Hypoactivity or hyperactivity Actimetry 0 0
Loss of motivation/effort Rotarod 1 0
Deficits of self-centered behaviors Coat state 1 1
Cognitive deficits T-maze 1 1
Composite Score 6 3
  1. PAI-1−/− PAI-1 knockout mice, tPA−/− tPA knockout mice