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Table 3 In silico predictions of possible damaging mutations

From: Intraventricular meningiomas frequently harbor NF2 mutations but lack common genetic alterations in TRAF7, AKT1, SMO, KLF4, PIK3CA, and TERT

Gene Nucleotide Substitution Exon Amino Acid change Type of Mutation
APC G5827A 14 V1943I missense
G5881A 16/17 V1961I missense
GABRA6 G805A 7 V269I missense
GSE1 C2171T 10 S724L missense
C2264T 10 S755L missense
C2483T 11 S828L missense
KDR G2443C 17 E815Q missense
SMO G503A 2 R168H missense