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Fig. 3

From: Ischemic axonal injury up-regulates MARK4 in cortical neurons and primes tau phosphorylation and aggregation

Fig. 3

Reduction in dendritic complexity in Layer 5 cortical neurons after subcortical stroke. uDISCO cleared hemisphere of YFP-H+ transgenic mouse at 7 days after stroke with retrograde neuronal labeling using fluororuby (a). Stroke-injured FR+ (red) and neighboring uninjured YFP+ cortical neurons (green) are visible in sensorimotor cortex along with stroke-injured YFP+/FR+ neurons (yellow) (b). Apical dendrite length was measured in pairs of neighboring YFP+/FR- and YFP+/FR+ neurons (c). Graph of apical dendrite length in YFP+/FR+ cortical neurons compared to neighboring YFP+/FR- cortical neurons (d) (n = 3, total cells = 60, p < 0.0001 by paired t-test). Mean ± S.E.M. Scale bars = 300 μm in a, 80 μm in b, 10 μm in c

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