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Table 1 Antibodies used in this study

From: A soluble truncated tau species related to cognitive dysfunction and caspase-2 is elevated in the brain of Huntington’s disease patients

Antibody Host/Isotype Epitopea Source
tau-13 Ms, IgG1, κ Tau15–25 BioLegend, Cat. #: 835201
tau-5 (biotin-conjugated) Ms, IgG1 Tau210–241 Thermo Fisher Scientific, Cat. #: MA5–12805
4F3 (biotin-conjugated) Ms, IgG2b, κ Taux-314 Ashe laboratory
Anti-Casp2 Rb, IgG C-terminus Abcam, Cat. #: 179519
Anti-GAPDH Rb, IgG C-terminus Cell Signaling Technology, Cat. #: 2118
  1. aAmino acid residues of tau protein are counted using the 2N4R isoform numbering system