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Table 3 Preclinical studies using passive immunotherapy in vivo

From: Intersection of pathological tau and microglia at the synapse

Publication Antibody/epitope Animal model/ immunization start Duration/interval/dose/ROI Results
Chai (2011) [54] PHF1 (p396/p404) & MC1 (conformational) JPNL3 (4R0N/P301L) 2M & PS19 (4R1N/P301S) 2M JPNL3 2M, 3x/week (15mg/kg i.p.) then 2M, 2x/week (10mg/kg i.p.) & PS19 2M, 2x/week (15mg/kg i.p.) ↓ P-tau, NC micro- and astrogliosis, ↓ weight loss & motor impairment
Boutajangout (2011) [41] PHF1 JPNL3 2-3M 3M, 1x/week (250ug/mouse i.p.) ↓ P-tau, ↓insoluble tau, NC astro- and microgliosis, improvement traverse beam task, NC rotarod
D'Abramo (2013) [66] PHF1, MC1 & DA31 (aa150-190) JPNL3 3M, 6M & 7M 4M, 1x/week (250ug/mouse/i.p.) & survival analysis, 1x/week (250ug/mouse i.p.) Only MC1 effective. ↓ P-tau, ↓insoluble tau, NC survival, NC micro- and astrogliosis
Castillo-Carranza (2014) [53] TOMA (conformational) JPNL3 8M Single injection (30ug/mouse i.v. & 1ug/mouse i.c.v) ↓Tau oligomers, NC microgliosis and cytokines, improved cognition & motor deficits
Castillo-Carranza (2014) [50] TOMA hTau (6 isoforms) 3M (injected with tau oligomers) Single injection & 6M complex schedule (60ug/mouse i.v. ) ↓tau oligomers, NC inflammation, improved cognition
Castillo-Carranza (2015) [51] TOMA Tg2576 (APPSWE) 14M Single injection (30ug/mouse i.v.) ↓tau oligomers, ↓Aβ oligomers, ↑ plaques, NC microgliosis and cytokines, NC synapse loss, improved cognition
Sankaranarayanan (2015) [258] PHF6 (p231) & PHF13 (p396) rTg4510 (4R0N/P301L) 3M & PS19 (injected with PFF) rTg4510 3M, 1x/week (25mg/kg i.p.) & PS19 4W, 1x/week (30mg/kg i.p.) rTg4510: ↓Soluble P-tau, NC insoluble tau, NC inflammation, NC or improved cognition. PS19-PFF: ↓Tau spreading, improved cognition
Dai (2017) [69] 43D (aa6-18) & 77E9 (aa184-195) 3xTg (4R02/P301L) 12M 2W & 6W, 1x/week (15ug/mouse i.v.) ↓P-tau, improved cognition, ↑activated microglia morphology, ↑complement (C1q & C9), ↓plaques