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Table 1 Summary of neuropathogical features of brains of two former NRL players

From: Chronic traumatic encephalopathy in two former Australian National Rugby League players

  Case1 Case2
Tau pathology
 Depths of cortical sulci (neuronal & astrocytic), perivascular Present Present
 Superficial cortical layers Present Present
 CA2 (neuronal, neuritic), CA4 (proximal dendritic swellings) Present Absent
 Substantia nigra and raphe nuclei (neuronal, neuritic) Present Present
 Subpial & periventricular thorny astrocytes Present Present
 Large grain-like & dot-like structures Present Present
Other supportive pathology
 Dilatation of IIIrd ventricle Absent Absent
 Septal abnormalities Present Absent
Other pathology
 Vascular disease Absent Absent
 Beta-A4 (amyloid) Present (Thal phase 1) Absent
 CERAD score 0 0
 pTDP-43 Present (amygdala, hippocampus, entorhinal cortex, inferior temporal cortex) Absent
 Alpha-synuclein Absent Absent
 ARTAG moderate (medial temporal) mild (medial temporal)
 Diagnosis Stage 3 CTE Stage 2 CTE