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Table 1 Immunohistochemical stains

From: Alzheimer’s disease neuropathological change and loss of matrix/neuropil in patients with idiopathic Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus, a model of Alzheimer’s disease

Antibody Clone Company/Code Dilution Pretreatment
Amyloid β (Aβ) 6F/3D Dako-Agilent/M0872 1:50 98–100% FA
Embryonic lethal abnormal visual system proteins (nELAV) 3 and 4 human homolog HuC/HuD (HuC/HuD) 16A11 ThermoFisher Scientific/A-21271 1:2000 ac, CB
NEUronal Nuclei (NeuN) A60 Milipore/MAB377 1:2000 CB
Hyperphosphorylated (Ser202/Thr205) τ (TAU8) PHF-TAU-AT8 Fisher Sientific-Invitrogen/MN1020 1:1000  
Synaptophysin (SYP) SY38 Dako-Cytomation/M0776 1:50 CB
  1. Dako Autostainer Plus (Dako Cytomation) was used for Aβ, Tau8 and SYP, while the HuC/HuD and NeuN were carried out manually, incubation at room temperature for 1 h. Autoclave (ac), formic acid (FA), citrate buffer pH 6.0 (CB)