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Table 1 Demographics of human cases used to generate experimental lysate

From: Comparative analyses of the in vivo induction and transmission of α-synuclein pathology in transgenic mice by MSA brain lysate and recombinant α-synuclein fibrils

  Age at onset Age at death Pathology diagnosis Braak stage Thal phase CERAD score
Control 1 N/A 82 Cerebrovascular arteriolosclerosis I/II 2 C1
Control 2 N/A 52 No neuropathology diagnosis I/II 2 C1
MSA 1 58 67 MSA-C/OPCA 0 C0
MSA 2 68 71 MSA-P/SND 2 C1
  1. MSA-C multiple system atrophy-cerebellar, OPCA olivo-ponto-cerebellar atrophy, MSA-P multiple system atrophy-parkinsonism, SND striatonigral degeneration